A Special Day In Taking Professional Stills Photographs

Taking photos at a wedding is a challenge and anyone who tries to convince you that it is as simple as pointing and shooting is completely wrong. There is something about the artistry of wedding photos, that shows that the person taking them has to have some experience and creativity.

Of course, just because there is a need to take excellent photos, doesn’t mean that anyone can’t do it. In fact, taking photos at a wedding can be very rewarding and looking through your proofs filled with smiling faces will make the stress of the day worth your while.

For the wedding photographer, taking photos is more than about making memories. It is about imprinting a day with a certain amount of permanence. After all, without the photos, how much will the couple really remember about the day? This means that the photographer has a very special job to do, and in this, they have the responsibility of providing photos that look good and that really capture the atmosphere of the day.

A wedding photographer needs to have some kind of experience, but this is often hard to get when you are taking photos for the first time. Many couples won’t hire a photographer who doesn’t have experience. To combat this, you can take photos at a wedding and base your price only on the acceptable prints. This will give you a chance to cover your costs, while also getting some work for your portfolio. Of course, you probably won’t make a profit, but that is a chance you have to take when you are just starting out.

Remember the importance of equipment and how important it is to be personable and approachable on the day. In this way, you ensure that you get lots of photos of smiling faces, all framed in the right scenario and with the right light.

In this way, you will build up experience in wedding photos until you feel more comfortable in your style, and in your particular technique and you are sure to book more jobs taking photos at weddings in the future.

What to take photos of in Cape Town

When you are visiting Cape Town, you will have such a cultural experience that it will be an absolute necessity for you to take some photos to look at when you are back home again. Naturally, the first thing that many people take photos of in Cape Town is Table Mountain. Although you should not just take photos from the base of the mountain, you should also go up in the cable car and then take photos of the beautiful view from the top and of the many souvenirs planted there by other people.

The Winelands are another good option for taking photos. You can take photos on the inside of the wine cellars and also on the inside of the beautiful old-timey farmhouses that are sprawled across the countryside. Many people will allow you to take photos of even the old-time furniture and farming machines they have at their residence because they are so proud of where they live and what they do for a living.

When you go and have a look at the historical buildings in the city centre of Cape Town you will find many opportunities for photo-snapping there as well. You must also definitely take photos of the Castle of Good Hope which was built in the 1600s. During the past few years, there have been quite a few companies that have sprung up in Cape Town that offer tours through the city and the countryside. They will show you many buildings and landmarks that you can take photos of.

There are even ghost hunting tour groups in Cape Town that will afford you even more opportunities for photography. Some of the ghost hunters’ tour leaders will show you exactly where the most ghostly activity takes place and will advise you to take pictures that you can have a look at later to see if you can spot anything. And obviously, the wonderful beaches in Cape Town also make for amazing photos. You will have to take a few days’ leaves though, to get photos of all the wonderful sites in Cape Town.

The Cape is a Photographers Playground.

When visiting the Cape, whether it is the Eastern or Western Cape, there are many interesting sceneries and tourist attractions you can photograph. You don’t need to be an experienced photographer to take Cape photos and you definitely don’t need to have a state of the art camera, a simple disposable will also do. According to YLO productions some of the best film and stills shoot locations are based in Cape Town.

The Eastern Cape which is one of South Africa’s nine provinces has Port Elizabeth and East London on its Radar. In these two cities, there will be many interesting places to take cape photos. In Port Elizabeth, there are many hotspots where you can do photography and some of them include Zuurberg Mountain Inn and Port Elizabeth’s Harbours and mountains. In East London the beautiful scenery, you will want to photograph especially during sunsets and sunrises. Eastern Cape’s beaches are usually common photo hotspots. When on Eastern Cape beaches bottlenose dolphins are often seen near the shore and would make great cape photos.

The Western Cape has many more opportunities to take cape photos, especially in Cape Town. You will find some nice photo hotspots such as Table Mountain, which is a beautiful sight to see especially on overcast days when the clouds make a table cloth over the mountain.

You can take photos of Table Mountain from the ground, from the cable car on the way up and even from on top of the mountain while visiting.

Another hotspot for cape photos is Robben Island which has a history behind it, which is why many flocks to it to take photos. You can take photos inside the famous prison, as well as outside and on the ferry on the way.

In Lombards Baai in the Western Cape could also make a fascinating photo session, because on the beach as the waves break, it is so foamy you can’t even see the water. Imagine taking photos on that setting while the sun rises or sunsets.

Taking cape photos can be a fun, interesting and eye-opening experience. There are many beautiful sites the Cape has to offer you!