Why should you include logo stickers in your marketing strategy

Logo stickers seem pretty simple, don’t they? Just print your logo and stick it to your products.

It can absolutely be that simple. But if you really want to reap the rewards of logo stickers, simply sticking them to products won’t be enough.

In fact, when used correctly, logo stickers can become an extension of your branding and help communicate your values to potential customers.

We are here to show you exactly why logo stickers can be a game-changer and how you can use them for your business.

Are you ready to find out more? Then let’s get straight to it.

  1. They are a visual shortcuts to your brand values

When we look at a logo, we don’t just see the design. Instead, our brains forge associations. What does that design stand for? Do we connect with it? How does it make us feel?

Think about a brand you know well and trust. Your brain is already familiar with their logo. And every time you encounter it, your brain jumps straight to all those positive feelings. This is why some brands simply feel like the better choice.

Logo stickers are like little ambassadors for your brand identity – each time someone sees them, they will associate them with your brand values.

It is essential that you think about these values at the very start of your business journey to really use the power of logo stickers. But more about that in the next point.

  1. They complete your branding

Branding is all about creating connections with customers so they can relate to the values of a brand. Remember how we said that humans make associations when they see a logo? The better the associations, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Now, “good” is, of course, subjective and depends on your business. This can be speed, precision, or sustainability. But most commonly, these should also include ideas like trust and reliability.

Your logo stickers can help you communicate these values, not just through the design but the sticker material you use.

A metallic silver base can signify your expertise, speed, and knowledge as a savvy tech business. If you are selling luxury items, a golden or glittery die cut sticker like this one can highlight this value. And for sustainable businesses, biodegradable materials sharing your product information are ideal.

  1. They cultivate brand awareness

When people see your logo stickers on laptop cases, skateboards or phones, you know what happens? They start associating those items with your brand.

This works on so many levels. Think of Vans or Apple. They both include free stickers with their products. But the genius thing is that they sell a lifestyle that fits their stickers.

Apple stickers can easily be used on your laptop while Vans stickers can be stuck to a skateboard. This not only reinforces their branding but helps them reach a lookalike audience.

By adding free logo stickers, they turn their loyal customers into brand ambassadors that spread the word. A simple logo used as a laptop sticker suddenly creates an exponential amount of visibility, for free!

The best part about logo stickers is that you can use them in so many different ways. And now it is up to you! How will you be using logo stickers to grow your business this year? Let us know in the comments below.